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NCIS season 18 finished with not one but rather
two stunning cliffhangers to the arrangement,

yet some key pieces of information may have
effectively set up what’s to come when the

arrangement returns.
Ellie Bishop (played by Emily Wickersham)

and Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon) both seem to
have made decimating exits toward the finish

of NCIS season 18. With the activity pressed
CBS dramatization wanted to return to separates

only a couple brief months, a few watchers
are persuaded the two specialists are set

to make an exciting return.
Emily Wickersham has affirmed her takeoff

from the arrangement, yet various NCIS fans
are persuaded her time as Ellie Bishop isn’t

finished at this point.
In the interim, her previous group pioneer

Leroy Gibbs is assumed d**d after his recently
finished boat was manipulated to detonate.

Fortunately, the most recent minutes of the
current year’s thrilling finale, ‘Rule 91′,

affirmed Gibbs had the option to swim away
from the destruction.

In spite of the fact that arrangement lead
Mark Harmon is supposedly taking on a diminished

job in the impending nineteenth season, he’s
as yet on the path of a tricky chronic executioner

with writer Marcie Warren (Pam Dawber).
In any case, crowd theory has presented a

persuading antithesis to what exactly obviously
went down toward the finish of season 18.

One watcher posted on Reddit: “Gibbs and Bishop
are collaborating undercover???? That was

my idea.”
In a week ago’s bolting decision to the season,

Bishop cut off ties with the NCIS group to
begin a new position turning out covert for

the CIA.
In the wake of being carried out in a NSA

spill, Bishop uncovered reality to her kindred
specialist Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama),

with whom she shared a delicate farewell kiss.
Notwithstanding her sensational takeoff, a

few hypotheses recommend Bishop’s secret work
will in the end connect up with Gibbs’ next

With Gibbs presently on uncertain suspension,

his work with Bishop and the CIA could at
last be his way back onto the NCIS group.

It might basically be the situation that the
ex-Agent in Charge essentially faked his passing

to lose of the executioner, whom he found
had been messing with his home.

Nonetheless, different fans are persuaded
that Bishop and Gibbs both apparently making

a rushed takeoff simultaneously was too advantageous
to ever be simple occurrence.

Albeit the executioner is still everywhere,
could Gibbs remain ‘d**d’ to get together

with Bishop on her next mission?
Another fan considered: “Cleric and Gibbs

are both depicted as shamed specialists toward
the finish of the period, so their destinies

adjust well for that.”
Others have noticed a similitude to previous

arrangement normal Ziva David (Cote de Pablo),
who was apparently murdered off just to be

brought back in season 17.
One more watcher added: “I’m trusting it’s

a converse Ziva, where it appears as though
she’s leaving the show and afterward psych!

Sadly, an enthusiastic farewell from Emily
Wickersham herself on Instagram appears to

demonstrate this will not be the situation.
Prior to expressing gratitude toward the cast

and team, she stated: “Hangin this cap and
coat up. What an extraordinary ride it’s been.”

All things considered, a lot of fans are as
yet trusting this is each of the one major

mislead and both Bishop and Gibbs will be
getting back to their ordinary obligations

eventually in season 19.
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